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Kontaktdaten der Künstler


Annette Werndl

Asternstraße 9

83101 ansau


+49.1 51 23 51 29 40

Geboren in Deggendorf. Studium in Rosenheim, Innenarchitektur. Seit 1996 künstlerische Ausbildung

bei Prof. Markus Lüpertz und Prof. Jerry Zeniuk. 2014 Meisterklasse bei Prof. Jerry Zeniuk. Lebt und

arbeitet in Rosenheim

Deborah Westmancoat



Deborah Westmancoat lives and works in Somerset, UK. Recent notable shows include the British Contem-

porary Art Auction 2015 at Morton Casa de Subastas: Mexico City, Bloomberg NewContemporaries at ICA

London and the Liverpool Biennial during 2014-15, Signature Art Prize 2015 (Painting Category Finalist),

London, and the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition 2014, London. Her work has been included within

several publications including Subasta de Arte Britanico Contemporaneo 2015 – Morton Casa de Subastas,

New Mexico, Še State of Art: Landscape and Portrait #1 – Andy La an (ed), 2014, Bare Hill Publishing

and Bloomberg New Contemporaries 2014 – Enrico David (author)/Kirtsy Ogg (ed).

Charles Whiting

8774 Rudd Road

Evergreen, Colorado, 80439


+1.72 02 01 75 11

Charles Whiting is a nature photographer om Evergreen, Colorado who specializes in landscape, seas-

cape, and underwater photography. His work has appeared in books, magazines, scholastic journals, and

electronic media worldwide. For more information, visit

Veronika Wifvesson

Flohemsvägen 173

25450 Helsingborg


+46.7 03 41 49 44

My art is a tribute to life and children. Wholeheartedly, I create art for the well-being of the whole, and

my purpose is to spread light, joy and peace in the world. Now I work in a deep, spiritual aspect: simple and

easy, as life is ment to be. With my art, I want to be involved with the world. I want to encourage oneness

and to remind viewers of a sense of belonging. We are limitless and we can choose to live in inspiration,

expressing the good in our lives in many di erent ways. I want my work to teach people how to live life enjo-

yably and eely, as the loving, living beings that humans are ment to be.