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Kontaktdaten der Künstler


Judith Stahl Schidlowsky

Rue Robert-de-Traz 7

1206 Genf


+41.7 92 25 58 48

I do not seek artistic impression in a gurative form, nor a speci c idea of beauty, instead I seek impressions

which revere the natural course of time, the changes of time, and age which leave their mark on that which

is seen. Giving expression to a constant transformation of an inner world, an emphasis on the transitional

which is an essential part of the nal creation, then gradually the beginning of an uninterrupted dialogue

between the creator and the created, which will become the spirit and soul of the work.

Revealed and concealed layers of impressions expressed in di erent lights, forms and movements maintain

the natural expression of the brush.

Vasile Stan

Brampton, Ontario


A self-taught visual artist, Vasile Stan creates digital art with a passion for colours stemming om his love

for Life and his deep respect for the in nite possibilities of manifestation of the human spirit. He focuses

mainly on abstract art, which he nds more directly evoking emotions, it is o en thought provoking and

at times, conducive to contemplative states. His work “Dripping Morning Passion” won the 2nd place at

“ABSTRACTIONS 2014” online juried competition organized by with

124 participating artists om 12 countries. His other work, “Fluidity of Šoughts” was among the 20 na-

list works selected by the jury of this competition.

Kurt Steinle

Stestertstraße 21

4731 Raeren-Eynatten


+49.17 22 46 14 42


Ich wurde 1954 in Aachen geboren und lebe seit 1985 auf einem kleinen Bauernhof in Belgien. Mit der

Street-Fotogra e versuche ich Stimmungen zu erfassen, mit den Porträts Emotionen. Ich halte mich nicht

immer an fotogra sche Regeln, das Bauchgefühl ist mir wichtiger.

Astrid Stöppel

82362 Weilheim


Astrid Stöppel is a German abstract artist. She works on two very di erent styles. Še series “colorful acry-

lics” is painted on large canvases, strong and powerful colors on a white or black background in di erent

motions. Še other series “•uid acrylics” is very emotional. With a special technique on paper the colors

merge - sometimes more, sometimes less - and harmonize on their own way. Two series, one and

full of feeling on the one hand but straight, powerful and passionate on the other. She exhibited in London

(2015), Rome (2015) and Florence (2014) and is a member of the Saatchi Art artist team.