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Kontaktdaten der Künstler


Nairy Shahinian

Vereinigte Arabische Emirate

Nairy Shahinian’s artistic practice approaches photography as a never-ending process of discovery. She o en

employs experimental techniques as investigative tools, allowing her to intimately document her imme-

diate surroundings and experiences. Her knowledge of the medium was developed at a young age in the

Damascus studio of her late father, Vahe, a leading photographer in Syria. In recent years, she has executed

several photographic series that have been shown at international art spaces and events. Born in Damascus

1984, Nairy Shahinian received a Professional Photography Diploma om New York Institute of Photo-

graphy in 2008. Nairy is now based in Dubai since 2011.

Olesya Shilkina

84 rue de Paris

94220 Paris


+33.7 88 31 77 33

Olesya strives to work with people and characters. To conceive an image, an idea, for a speci c person and

then create it. Her portraits show a glimpse of what is hidden, they show the face of the person that one does

not usually see: “I try to create dramatic portraits that are at the same time poetic. Every character in my

universe has their own drama, and every portrait is my own portrait too.” Olesya Shilkina took part in the

Speos Gallery, Paris, group exhibition 2014. She was also Silver Prize laureat, Professional Category, in

the PX3 Competition, Paris, 2014. Olesya also participated in a group exhibition in Berlin, 2015. She lives

in Paris & works worldwide.

Margrét Sigfúsdóttir

Laugarnesvegur 87

105 Reykjavik


+354.5 51 23 85 / +354.7 78 83 85

While living in Paris and while painting, my mind dwelled and always interweaved with the nature of

Iceland, my homeland. Še recreating of the landscape appears very strongly and everywhere in the abstract

colorful representation of each painting of the exotic north as I thought of it. I wish the spectator to allow

his imagination to dri and create a whole new to each painting. Šat each painting will give birth to a

new perception and to a new mood and feeling. Colours are very important for me because I believe they

transmit an impressive amount of dynamic strength, which again results wellbeing and radiates strong

energy to each human being.

Christel Sobke

Cäciliengärten 17

12159 Berlin


+49.1 76 39 37 11 85

Studium Germanistik, Anglistik (Staatsexamen), Studium Design und Kunst (FHS Niederrhein). Ab

1984 eischa end tätig. Ausstellungen in bisher 17 Ländern. 4 Ausstellungen in NY City. Arbeiten in

Museen, u.a. Museum South Nevada, USA, Museum für zeitgenössische Kunst Hamburger Bahnhof,

Berlin. Zusammenarbeit mit demMuseumMIIT, Turin. Ausstellung Carrousel du Louvre, Paris, 2014,

Teilnahme Biennale Venedig 2015, Ausstellung Dali Museum, Berlin, 2015. Zahlreiche Awards und

Preise in USA und Italien, u.a. 2016 David’s Bernini Award, Anne Frank Preis, Brindisi. Publikationen.