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Kontaktdaten der Künstler


B. Ernestine Schmidt



+49.17 28 58 37 31

Seit meiner Kindheit fasziniert mich der Mensch (Studium der Medizin) und Kunst (Kurse in den unter-

schiedlichsten Bereichen der Fotogra e, Studium der Zeichnung und Malerei bei Matthias Kroth und

Dagmar Wassong, und Studium der Malerei bei Prof. Dr. Markus Lüpertz).

Mit 8 Jahren machte ich mit einer alten Klappkamera meine ersten Aufnahmen in S/W. Mein Taschen-

geld reichte nur für wenige Fotos, die waren aber wohl überlegt. Damals entwickelte ich eine spezielle

Sichtweise, die Grundlage für meine mit Licht „gemalten“ abstrakten lyrisch-meditativen Lichtbilder.

Martin Scho el


Miami 33178


+1.30 54 63 72 18



I started of using pencil and paper, as well as cardboard and markers, resulting in very abstract black and

white paintings. Now my style is more consistent and geometrical. I design my art in the computer and

re•ect it on aluminum. I basically create kinetic, geometrical an OP art.! My creative process is somewhat

like improvising a speech, one may not be certain about what is going to be said, but de seed of the idea is

planted in fertile ground. Šis is similar to what occurs with me; I start a piece with a general idea, but the

end result is a secret that slowly unfolds a I work! I want to constantly improve my work, grow… my general

goal is to impact viewers

Jan Schuenke

München, New York

Deutschland, USA

Jan Schuenke is a German ne art photographer specializing in architecture and landscapes. Born in

Starnberg, Germany, in 1978, he is a seasoned and experienced traveler, fascinated by the diversity of

culture and nature, which informs his perspective for his photography. FromManila to Hong Kong to Ger-

many, Jan has wandered and photographed all over the globe. He now lives and works in New York and

Munich. His ne art photography shows the in•uence of humans on nature and vice versa and has been

exhibited in Frankfurt, Munich, Perth and Melbourne. “I am fascinated by the power of nature and time;

it is a combination that brings change and sometimes it takes control.” Jan Schuenke

Alex Senna

Rua Daniel Cardoso, 274, casa 2 / Vila

Anglo Brasileira

05028090 Sao Paulo


+55.1 19 71 20 96 06

Hailing om Sao Paulo, Brazil, street artist and illustrator Alex Senna creates vivid expressions of human

love, romance and relationships through youthful and nostalgic symbols such as hearts, birds and balloons.

By transposing his sketches to city walls around the globe he ignites urban settings with feelings of love and

happiness by exposing his viewers to the intimate moments of his characters. His work is composed almost

entirely in black and white, making his messages come across simple, clear, and straight om the heart.