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Assembling this volume of “Internationale Kunst Heute” – the third – has been a task that lled us with great pleasure: fol-

lowing on from the extremely successful publication of the 2014 and 2015 volumes and the “German Design Award” nomi-

nation, our series achieved a degree of recognition that even we were surprised at. We sent the books to 69 countries in all,

and without exception received positive responses. Our books are now to be found in an increasing number of prestigious art

centers, galleries, companies, lawyers’ and doctors’ o ces, and book stores where people leaf through them with enthusiasm.

We are thrilled that the network between the artists is constantly expanding and producing new projects – “Art growing”

exactly matches my vision of “International Kunst Heute”.

is volume contains a rich range of wonderful, exciting and o en most unusual art. We are particularly delighted that the

scope is so broad .Our compliments to the artists for their creativity, courage, passion and love of art.

And we are as committed as ever: Dr Ingrid Gardill in her sensitive treatment of the artworks, Burkhard Dycke with his

creative and professional lay-outing, the translators and the whole hardworking team. Our praise in particular goes toMarco

Petersen and his sta for their expert handling of the book shipments to all four corners of the world. It takes a lot of people

working reliably and harmoniously before a book like this nally reaches its readers. Our warm thanks to all.

I wish the artists every success and hope our readers will enjoy this volume. We will continue to do our best to deepen con-

tacts between good contemporary art and art lovers.

Martina Kolle, editor

Martina Kolle is a eelance painter. Art and science already played a role in her family (for example the well-known painter

Helmut Kolle and Prof. Heinz Braune, the former director of the Museum Neue Pinakothek in Munich and the Staatsgalerie

Stuttgart) and her path led her in both directions. Before deciding to devote herself entirely to contemporary art she was successful

in diverse business branches and in the eld of alternative medicine.

Our thanks go to all those involved for the trust they have placed in us. Once again we had the pleasure of dealing with

unusual, surprisingly varied and very exciting works of art. It is an encounter that Martina Kolle and I greatly enjoyed in the

course of putting together this volume of “Internationale Kunst Heute”.

I am o en asked about my stance and my approach to works of art. Even though my professional knowledge is always there,

my experience is that over and above this, one has to “think with your

heart”. If I want to encounter the essence of a work,

then I have to open up to it and give it space to speak to my heart. It is only this way that I can fully grasp and do justice to an

artwork. is is the case with all research and every object of knowledge, and most certainly true of art criticism.

If one delves

into a work of art, then the rewards are great. e work opens up new worlds, creates a certain mood, manifests

the artist’s creative e orts and their fruits, arouses awareness of what has gone unnoticed, and much more besides. In a nut-

shell, it is hugely enriching for our lives and for the world in general.

Dr Ingrid Gardill, art historian

Ingrid Gardill writes and edits art historical publications. Her specialties include artistic currents of the present day and sacred

art of the middle ages. She had done research for example on French illuminated manuscripts and convent art. During her time

in Berlin she was regularly called upon to serve in the jury of the municipal Galerie Pankow and the city’s Cultural A airs O ce.

Ingrid Gardill writes art criticism as well as exhibition and book reviews and curates exhibitions of contemporary art.